Big Five Ground Coffee (5 x 250g Bags)

Big Five Ground Coffee (5 x 250g Bags)


Buffalo = French Roast – Our French Roast is roasted until the 2nd crack for an intense taste profile. This is a dark roasted coffee.

Elephant = African Arabica – Using only natural processed African coffees it is very different from most coffees, offering a rich body and low acidity, a great all day drink.

Rhino = Houseblend – our signature coffee, and a long term favourite of many of our customers. Smooth, full bodied for that all day enjoyment.

Lion = African Pride – This is a delightful blend of the very best coffee from the African continent. Enjoy the bright acidity of washed Central African Coffee, uniquely blended with the wild complex flavours of a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee.

Leopard = Uganda Drugar – A distinctively different coffee. Grown in the Bugisu region of Eastern Uganda, in the shade of banana trees. It has a unique flavour profile more akin to Indonesida coffee, low acidity, a rustic sweetness and spice notes.

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