About Shari’s Sugar Free

My husband and I both love food but battle with our weight, we lost a tremendous amount of weight banting in 2016 but the struggle to maintain it was real. Lockdown handles just happened, until we had a grandson in May 2021, and we had a family photo shoot.  We both looked at the photo’s and we were not happy chappies and decided to do something about these extra KG’s that had crept on us. My hubby has a serious sweet tooth and we have always battled to find products that he enjoyed, that were affordable and had a huge variety as well as kept him satisfied, and then……. Introduce the range I now have. The product speaks for itself, the taste is incredible, let’s say “after eight mints,” “sweetie pie’s”, cappuccino treats like you’ve never tasted before, salted caramel that makes your mouth water, and more.  I promise you won’t be disappointed. The added benefit is that they are banting friendly, were developed by a diabetic, some are vegan friendly but above all they are 0% sugar and even if you don’t have a sugar issue, they are by far the healthier option for indulgence without the guilt.